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Dynamic lighting.

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From historical illumination to interactive lighting in the urban environment. One of Peru’s main values ​​is its vast and rich historical and cultural heritage, a source of wealth and a motor of development for the public and private sectors. The lighting design puts these sites or sets in value, projects a strong visual identity and creates a safe and attractive night image. As it also does, responding to the new premises of change, the integration of interactive facilities and average facades in the urban environment. Past, present and future converse and interact with people, space and the city thanks to dynamic lighting.

Dean Skira.
Skira Architectural Lighting Design.
Visual, biological and emotional experiences in architecture of Peru

This renowned Croatian lighting designer, who has achieved important awards and has attracted international media attention thanks to his important projects of urban, commercial, hotel and residential lighting, maintains that “the light is not for architecture but for people who live in it”. That’s why all of its lighting solutions, creative and efficient, revolve around how the user feels using space and experimenting with architecture.


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