European Oak Flooring and Wall treatment

European Oak is very much on trend now and becoming more popular compared to other hardwoods as it has a unique grain pattern and variability ticking all the boxes for a modern timber flooring solution.

Oak Flooring is a slow growing extremely hard wood timber – which produces a tighter grain and originates from Europe, designed by European Architrects. It is has been used through the centuries as a superior choice for ship- building, barrel coopering, fine furniture production and today for flooring and wall treatment. There are many timbers to choose from which come in array of stunning colours- styles and finishes not only for flooring but also for feature wall panels. Its strong appeal stems from a few key natural features and benefits:

  • Very strong and durable (High density)
  • Classic authentic look
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Low maintenance
  • Beautiful tight natural grain variations making it a stunning surface
  • Environmentally responsible- A naturally high tannin content which makes it highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks, and
  • Despite its density, woodworkers will tell you it is very workable. Unlike some hardwoods it can be accurately drilled and cut, and glued
  • Versatility

European Oak provides a range of innovative finishes to accommodate the unique Australian lifestyle which includes; weathered, brushed, super matte, aged New York Loft, Coastal, Warehouse, Nordic, Hamptons, Antique Style and Urban. Included below are some variations of finishes, styles and colours.


Its no surprise that European oak is fast becoming the preferred choice of timber favouring the once loved and still loved American oak- Definitely very on trend for many architects and interior designers today! So many options to choose from helping to achieve a timeless and effortless look for any interior!!!!

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Peruvian Flooring

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Peruvian flooring is usually a hard wood flooring with a colourful rug as a eye catcher
One of the bestselling Pergo XP floors, this floor features the attributes of natural mahogany from Peru in a durable and affordable solution. Exotic brown hues, with hints of red undertones, in a single-strip plank format enhanced with a smooth finish for added elegance. Peruvian Mahogany also includes:

  • PermaMax® Surface Protection for double the wear, double the durability of ordinary laminates.
  • ScratchGuard Advanced for superior scratch and scuff resistance
  • Patented Perfectfold® joint for easy installation
  • Premium attached underlayment for natural sound and added comfort
  • Lifetime limited residential and 5-year limited light commercial warranty


Product Type
Collection Name
Pergo XP
AC Rating
AC 4
Color Family
Additional Color 1
Additional Color 2
Surface Texture
Gloss Level
Edge Type
Milled Bevel
Plank Visual
Single Strip Plank
Sq. Ft./Carton
Plank Thickness
Appropriate Level for Installation
On, Above or Below Grade
Subfloor Type
Plywood or Concrete
Install Method

OAK- Flooring


Grand Oak Balinese takes its inspiration from the rich and diverse culture of Polynesia and the traditional Bali sculptures throughout this beautiful and happy place. Balinese Oak features sunburnt orange and warm brown tones. The rustic colours complement dark leather Balinese furniture and light walls. Balinese Oak undergoes a special smoked process to enhance its colour, depth and natural Balinese inspired characteristics and also provides maximum durability and long-lasting use around the home.

The authentic look and feel of Grand Oak Balinese, is further enhanced by brushing the surface, in order to accentuate its natural oak grain structure. This is all done by our timber hand-crafting artists who use age-old hand tools on every individual engineered board.

Grand Oak consists of two timber layers, a hardy hand scraped European Oak timber top and a stabilizing multiple core timber base. All our oak floors are pre-finished with a tongue and groove on the ends and sides for easy installation.

Oak products come in short and long timber boards to create variety and excitement in your Grand Oak engineered floor. Some boards are clean and others feature small and large knots and grained patterns, this natural variation that provides a unique look and feel in your home. Colour will vary. Engineered boards will vary across every floor. It is this dissimilarity that gives timber its natural beauty and appeal.


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Spatial Flooring: Carpet Tiles

Traditionally, the floor type to aspire to in a home was wall-to-wall carpet. And while wall-to-wall is certainly comfortable and carries with it a number of benefits, as trends have changed modern design has rediscovered its affinity for the hardwood or, in some cases, even concrete floors that our all-over carpeting has been hiding. So now, in lieu of wall-to-wall carpets that can easily get dirty and be difficult to clean, a lot of homeowners and decorators are turning to carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are square pieces of carpet (often around 400mm to 600mm square but it can vary) that can be stuck down to the floor easily and without professional installation. They offer the same soft look and feel of broadloom but they’re far more versatile. Carpet tiles come in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials and can be installed in any way you desire. It’s easy to create unique patterns and designs with very little effort.

There are a few different ways of installing carpet tiles. Some are self-adhesive and can be installed simply by removing the paper backing and placing them where you desire. There are others that need to be installed by applying double-sided carpet tape to the back of the tile before placing them on the floor. They can also be glued.

The biggest advantage that carpet tiles have over regular wall-to-wall carpeting is that individual tiles can be removed and replaced should they get dirty or stained. Unlike large carpets where stains can set and be difficult to remove, an individual tile can be replaced with very little effort or expense.

Carpet tiles can be used to cover large floor surfaces such as an entire room or they can be used in smaller areas. They can be used in entryways as an alternative to small area rugs or doormats, on stairs to create makeshift stair runners, in hallways as an alternative to regular runners, and so on. There are also outdoor carpet tiles that can be used in areas that will see moisture such as outdoor rooms or balconies.

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Fashion Illustration Brazil

(1) Tobie  Giddio

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(1) Tobie Giddio

Born September 10, 1963. Tobie Giddio grew up in New Jersey

Soon after graduating Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion illustration,she began illustrating advertisements for Bergdorf Goodman that ran weekly in the New York Times through to the end of the eighties. Commissions during Nineties included innovative editorials for Interview Magazine and elaborately illustrated forecasting books and editorial for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

Projects in fashion have included work for Seibu Department stores, Neiman Marcus, The Limited stores and Ann Taylor Inc. who commissioned work for their windows and in-store displays. Recent work includes commissioned pieces for Apple Computers and Tiffany & Co.

Tobie lives and works in New York City with Peter her husband and their daughter Praise.

These words are on the artists webpage convey the beauty and intention that this Artist is trying to portray.

Two very distinct elements are at play here: fine art and fashion”.

“An item should be extraordinarily beautiful”, and

” The curves and symmetry of a woman” are shown exceptionally well in the exquisite paintings and drawings.

Having the power to magnetise others”   is another catch phrase.

The perception and experience of luxury are deepened and expanded with the intention to raise the vibration of the environment”  is the expression that they are trying to convey to the client. This is a very powerful message which is delivered in a very simple, yet beautiful way in their drawings.


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(2) Laura Lane

Laura Laine is a Helsinki based illustrator. After completing her studies in fashion design she has been working full-time as an illustrator. She is also teaching fashion illustration in various fashion schools.
Her recent clients include Vogue Japan, Vogue Germany, Sephora, Elle, Zara, H&M, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, GAP, I.T. store, Telegraph and Daniel Palillo. She has also exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rugby and Helsinki.




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(3) Maddalena Sisto

Maddalena Sisto draws small thin figures portraying plenty of action and drawn with  vibrant colours. They are delicate and drawn very neatly, with very sharp lines. They portray the product much more than the actual model, although the model is very cute and makes the viewer sit and take notice. She is featured in Vogue Italia magazine.




Concrete Floors & Encaustic tiles

When it comes to floors, sometimes less is more!!! That’s what I love about polished concrete. When thinking ‘concrete’ its easy to relate this to commercial space and not homes- Concrete now has become ever to popular in homes including the bedroom. Whilst it may not be everybody’s apparent choice- it’s certainly now trending! It has a simple and stripped-down appeal that makes such a big impact. Its smooth, polished surface provides just the right amount of shine to brighten up any interior- This neutral element adds benefit to any style whether it be- minimal, modern, or just plain chic!

When most people think of concrete floors they think of dull grey utilitarian surfaces with sharp bumpy textures. However modern advances in concrete mixing and setting have allowed designers to achieve an endless variety of colour and texture effects using this versatile material.

Adding shades of colour through your choice of interior will simply complement a concrete floor helping achieve a soothing vibe to the room. Introducing neutrals, including tans and earthy rustic colours will also add to the overall look. Polished concrete floor can be the perfect way to soften the contrast in the any room. The use of large rugs will instantly soften the space as well allowing for a deep neutral backdrop to frame its colour, pattern, and fringe.

Other characteristics include; Durability: Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient as well as Versatile and long lasting

The Drawbacks of Concrete Flooring include; Hardness and the floor can appear cold which is why the use of rugs and soft flooring becomes equally important. Concrete flooring can also be quiet expensive pending on the finish look you choose.

Im such big fan of concrete flooring- It can defiantly add a modern edge and feel to any room- Giving you the ultimate design freedom to create a perfect space!


Whilst mentioned earlier ‘Less is more’ defiantly not when it comes to Moroccan Tiles. Encaustic tiles are just stunning and add so much character to a space.

Encaustic (Pressed cement) tiles are handmade today with the same methods used for over one hundred years. The coloured surface is made from natural materials including; crushed marble/ granite, colour pigment and cement and the finished result is a chalky in appearance that will wear beautifully to a silky patina. Encaustic tiles are available as single colour or in a range of multi coloured patterns combined together to create classic or exciting original designs.  Choosing to use an encaustic tile instantly adds character to any space which instantly helps achieve that unique ‘antique’ look which I just love!

Sometimes it’s all about simplicity and balance! Cool, smooth surfaces that set the stage for relaxation mixed with decorative art with a splash of pattern!!! PERFECTION 🙂

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Modern Fashion Illustration

  • Sarah Hankinson

An Australian Illustrator, Sarah Hankinson, captures the pulse of modern style with her classic illustrations. Her technique uses a combination of traditional drawing and mixed media, and she is known for her distinct line work—she likes to use strong lines that vary in thickness to add contrast, interest, and strength to her illustrations. Her work stands out with the bold splashes of watercolour she incorporates. She begins her illustrations by using a sharp 2B grey lead pencil to draw the model on soft watercolour paper. She then brings in colour to add interest to the piece. After scanning the image she plays around with the curves and layers in Photoshop to adjust the contrast. She believes that contrast can create a strong clear focal point in a piece and can make an image pop up.

  • Nadia Flower

A New Zealand based Graphic Artist, Nadia Flower, is well-known for her striking, graphic and decorative, full of forms that are fragile, yet strong style. Vector graphics play a big role in Nadia’s aesthetic, and she designs her imagery on her Mac. She prefers to work in black and white, creating silhouettes that are intricately connected using vines, tendrils and curves. However, many of her pieces do use colour and incorporate photographic elements. An overall composition of her works will have a bold contrast between positive and negative space, what defines her style is the inclusion of so many tiny little details.

  • Laura Laine

Laura Laine is an artist and fashion illustrator who works independently but also collaborates with photographers, stylists and art directors. She lives in Helsinki, Finland and currently working full-time as freelance illustrator. One of the main characteristics of her drawings is the incredibly fine and detailed line work, which manages to suggest a great variety of textures (fur, silk, wool, leather etc.). Further, there is a certain motion quality to her illustrations which is conveyed by the gracefully twisted body postures and the splendidly flowing long hair of her characters. She fused her unique style of illustration with simple product photographs and brought them to life by making her delicate fashion figures have an enjoyable interaction with the fashion products, thus making her style more visually interesting.

  • Autumn Whitehurst

Autumn Whitehurst is a native of New Orleans and now resides in Brooklyn, NY as a full time illustrator. Her labor-intensive process starts with pencil sketches to generate ideas and with thorough research on the Internet, but the bulk of her work is created with a stash of modern digital tools. She will create a tight sketch in Illustrator and then play with the pose, proportions and composition. The rendering work is done with Photoshop brushes, much like a painter would use paintbrushes, although painting digitally demands a different kind of precision due to the nature of the program. She then use photo references to help her understand how light wraps around the body, but beyond that it’s up to her imagination, and much of her effort goes into making these figures long and sleek.

  • Raphael Vicenzi

Better known as “Mydeadpony”, is a self-taught illustrator from Brussels, Belgium whose artworks and watercolour techniques are influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti. Combining traditional hand-drawing (painting, sketches and drawing on watercolours) with new digital techniques, he creates immensely detailed images with textures and splotches that are both meticulous and ethereal. At first the illustration seems fresh and light, then a darker, more provocative undertone emerges afterward.




Bamboo Flooring

The Benifits of Bamboo Flooring

One of the latest additions of flooring types, the bamboo flooring could be a greener solution when compared to traditional flooring materials. Bamboo flooring is durable, elegant and comes in a variety of colors usually ranging from honey brown to light tan. It provides a strong, clean surface, but could darken over time or when exposed to sunlight. This material is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hardwood materials, although it is still a concern.

Manufactured bamboo floors are typically made available in planks with either vertical or horizontal grain orientation. In vertical bamboo floors, the component pieces are stood vertically on their narrowest edge and then press laminated side to side. The effect is a lined, almost uniform look to the surface of the finished floor plank. In horizontal bamboo floors, the slats are arranged in a horizontal direction, on their widest edge, and then joined side by side with adjacent pieces using a high-pressure laminate system.

There are certain types of bamboo that can be extremely strong, hard, and durable. Natural, un-carbonised bamboo that was properly harvested and manufactured can be as durable as red oak. Strand woven bamboo can be manufactured even harder than that.

The Drawbacks of Bamboo Flooring

While a bamboo floor is relatively easy to maintain it is nearly impossible to keep it perfect if it is used regularly. There are a wide variety of things that can cause nasty scratches on the surface of a bamboo floor.

As mentioned above bamboo is more resistant to water damage than the average hardwood. However it is still a natural material made of organic elements, and as such excessive moisture will cause it to warp or will allow mold to grow.

If the floor is installed in a very humid area, the moisture in the air can cause the floor planks to plump. In a dry environment, the planks can shrink. In both cases, cracks in the bamboo will be the result.

Bamboo floor planks are manufactured by slicing or shredding the stalk of the bamboo grass plant and then adhering the pieces back together using heat, pressure, and a resin based adhesive. This adhesive can release volatile organic chemicals into the air of an interior space over time. Most bamboo floors have this adhesive in them, although the level of adhesive used, and the amount of VOC’s emitted will vary depending on how the planks are manufactured.

Flooring – Hardwood Timber

Hardwood timber flooring for a bedroom provides a sense of warmth and a beautiful asthetic, especially if choosing a wood with a natural grain and colour variation.

Im choosing a lighter coloured Herringbone design in a blonde oak for my Scandiavian themed bedroom,  as I feel it is keeping with the bright and light Scandinavian brief.

The supplier I have chosen The Reclaimed Flooring co, specialises in providing sustainable flooring solutions and in 2015 was honoured with the “Green Hero Award” created by Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs to distinguish creative innovation through sustainable practices.

Herringbone Hardwood Flooring
Image via Pinterest


Reclaimed European Oak
Reclaimed  European Oak

An alternative to the recycled Herringbone floors is a Hardwood Oak floor. Sourced from The Royal Oak Floors Co. these also provide a sense of warmth but not so much of a “statement” in that the grain and finish is more uniform and “clean” looking.

Hardwood Oak Flooring

To provide an extra sense of warmth and to break up the continuous flow off wood I have chosen neutral coloured sheepskin rugs,  which will also complement the interior furniture and overall Scandinavian theme. These will be placed on either side of the queen size bed.

Sheepskin Rubs in Neutral Tones
Rug: Luxury Sheepskins Colours: Black, Ivory, Chocolate, Vole, Charcoal and Oyster Grey and Charcoal Grey Size: 110cm x 80cm  Retailer: Graham and Green Product Code: Ivory NPN4262, Chocolate RVU7813, Black RVU7817, Vole HZW1363, Oyster Grey HIW3193 and Charcoal Grey HVT2000

These sheepskins are sourced from Graham and Green in the United Kingdom.










Fashion Illustration by Jason Brooks

Honestly.. this guy got me interested in using Illustrator. 18 years ago I started collecting Hed Kandi Albums just for his artwork. Then I wanted to draw them, I hired a private Tutor to teach me illustrator.. I quickly found out it was requiring a talent I had not the time to possess.. I weren’t on with illustrator till today but haven’t yet reached his creative level. Needless to say I am still enamoured and captivated by his work.

And I have to say I copied and pasted the article below as its what I wanted to say.. it goes on to show the power of illustration and the brand is more than a name but what it portrays… thanks 

Jason Brooks article

I first discovered the amazing work of Jason Brooks in 2003 when I took a keen interest in funky house music. In particular, I enjoyed listening to and collecting Hed Kandi compilations. I was instantly attracted to the ultra-modern, ultra-stylish artwork on the covers, by illustrator Jason Brooks. Even after my taste in this music dimished, I continued to collect the albums for their exquisite and unique styling. Over the years, I have become more and more intrigued by this artwork and have looked more closely into the world of Jason Brooks and how his drawings and illustrations have evolved into one of the most recognised and imitated digital styles of today.

Jason Brooks is a London born digital/fashion illustrator. He spent much of his early life living in Brighton and showed a keen interest for drawing and painting. At 19, Brooks studied graphic design and illustration at St. Martin’s School of Art. In 1992, he won the prestigious Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for fashion illustration. Brooks became a Master of Arts in illustration after attending the Royal College of Art in London.

He started his early career as a fashion illustrator, drawing on the spot at the Couture Shows in Paris, gaining valuable experience of the fashion industry. Brooks increased his recognition at this time significantly by creating an identity through posters and promotional material for the notorious London club of the 90s, Pushca. Ever since, his distinctive style has been widely imitated on promotional devices such as club flyers and posters. Brooks style is nevertheless, unsurpassed and still regarded as the original in his field.

Digital illustrators were a new breed when Brooks first adopted themedium to produce glamourous illustrations of clubbers and models in the 1990s. He became a pioneer in his field and helped bring about a reform in the world of illustration. His most well known achievement started in 1999, when he was commissioned to produce the artwork for the Hed Kandi label – work that has helped gain him world wide respect and numerous offers from companies requesting his services. The image below is one that I feel epitomises eveything that Hed Kandi aspire towards – sexy, glamourous, funky, up-beat.

In 2005, after 50 illustrated covers, Hed Kandi was sold to Ministry. This change of hands saw the departure of producer, Mark Doyle, who went on to create his own label ‘Fierce Angels’, taking Jason Brooks with him to produce the new artwork for his compilations. This left Ministry with the task of replicating Brooks’ style on the forthcoming artwork, as the style and values associated with it were firmly in place. They chose the New York based agency, Vault 49 to take over the reigns. It is instantly apparent that their attempts are inferior in comparison, however, they do seem to be improving. The two images below are examples of their designs for Hed kandi.

It is clear that they have tried to mimic Brooks in terms of subject and style, however, it is distinctly obvious that these designs are sub-standard. The illustrations are greatly lacking in contrast, which is a major contributor towards achieving Brooks’ sleek and sexy style. The backgrounds are also fairly generic with a heavy use of bland colours. The key features that characterise his work, such as the smooth hair and exaggerated eyes seem to have been completely overlooked and the general body shapes of the figures are different. Jason Brooks combines various techniques during the process of producing his final image, starting with a hand rendered drawing. This free-hand appeal is a quality that cannot be replicated and is unique to Brooks’ own creative hand, ensuring that his genuine designs are instantly recognisable.

Despite failing to live up to Jason Brooks expertise, Vault 49 have produced some excellent and inspirational work for plenty of other major brands, having a unique appeal of their own. Check out their online portfolio at

Aside from his artwork for the fashion and music industries, Brooks has produced a wide array of designs in other areas. His clients include L’Oreal, Mercedes Benz, Globetrotter, Saatchi & Saatchi, British Airways, Vogue, Hed Kandi, Fierce Angel, Cosmopolitan, Carlsberg, Ritz Hotels and many more. The images above and below are a few examples of his success for these brands.

I especially like the two dimensional interior drawing and the silhouette style he utilises on the bacardi shot glasses. The black figures set against the four different coloured backgrounds creates four different moods from the chilled-out blue to the warm orange. Brooks’ work has inspired me to create my own two dimensional design utilising silhoutte figures that I compiled from various photos taken in Sardinia, shown below.

He also inspired me to produce this image to develop new skills and techniques using Illustrator and to add to my portfolio.