Jane Laura Ivey

Jane Laura Ivey

Hi everyone, my name is Jane and I am attempting to do Certificate 4 in Green Design.

I have always loved bright colours and creating beautiful and calming spaces. I believe different colours can definitely affect your moods. I love to visit home ware stores and shopping centres for new ideas.  Recently I have become more aware of sustainability and trying to live more “green” by caring for our planet.

In particular, I am now enthralled by Tiny Houses, because they are so eco-friendly. They are amazing well planned and each piece of cabinetry and furniture has multiple purposes. Ideally they are built off the grid with power from solar, battery or wind power. The materials are usually recycled however the design is still made to look really beautiful.

My dream would be to, one day, be involved in the design of my own Tiny House. I would love to use sustainability principles throughout and decorate it using recycled products and amazing colours.


Lecture Series ~ Michelle Best

bing.com/images ~ Festival Decoration



I have always loved Interior Design since I was a young girl , rearranging everyone’s houses was my favourite thing to do.

I have worked in wedding decoration and catering as an assistant and also helped with Event and festival decoration  a little and loved it . Decorating is my passion and this is why I am doing this course to hopefully become an  Event Decorator, planning people’s weddings ,celebrations , events and festivals.

Since starting my course I have learnt so much already learning about the history of how the whole design process started and learning about all the different designers and how they all started their careers.

So that’s my story and I hope all my classmates become what they dream to become and thanks for having a read .



Nathan Higgins

IMG_0289.JPGAfter wanting to go back to study for a while,  I chose to study certificate IV design fundamentals to give me a brief overview what is included in a design course. I have always been interested in art and paint abstract paintings in my spare time but  wanted to explore more the design and digital side of art. I am not sure which area I want to focus on at this stage so thats why I decided to study the design fundamentals course.  I am really enjoying the course so far because  of the  range of interning subjects it covers.   After completing the course I hope to have some sort of portfolio put together which can help me gain access into a more advance course. Once I have completed that course I would love to start my own design business incorporating my painting and designs. I am really enjoying the history and theory of design subject because I am learning a lot about the different art eras which I didn’t know much about and also about some very interning artists which I think will help a lot in the future when having my own design business.

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Emma Louise – Lecture Series

“Design the life you want to live”

I have chosen this course as I love being creative since I was in high school. It became a passion for me as I find it quite therapeutic. It has increased my thirst for learning. The more I know, the more I want to know and the better my solutions. I’ve done a few short courses back in Philippines such as fashion design and drawing. Since then, I knew that I wanted to be in this field, though I’m not yet sure what sort of design I want to take in the future because I love all of them from visual arts, interior, fashion to graphic.

After completing this course, I’m going to take up a double degree in Bachelor of Business and Design as I was really inspired by young entrepreneurs who were able to manage their own design business. I guess it will be very fulfilling to be able to manage something that is at your best interest – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Being able to design well is not always enough. And so I’m hoping that doing this unit will allow me to have a better understanding behind the masterpieces of famous designers in the past.

I did my HSC just last year and some subjects I took were Textiles and Design, and Visual Arts which allowed me to explore and think more outside of the box. Some of my previous artworks include banners(for graduations, birthdays and reunion), paintings, and textiles (dress, cover):


I chose Cert 3 in design to help refine my artistic skills and get a better view at what to do in the future with both my passions, writing and art.

though I would like to be an author of novels, short stories etc. and an artist and go for my own clothing line in the process, there being near to none creative writing courses have been lacking in my aspirations to carry it along with my art.

learning the theories of different designs and their designers.


Leah Elizabeth


Hey everyone my name is Leah,
why I have chosen this course is because Interior Design has been my dream job since I was about ten years old,with interests in decoration it is my passion.It is my goal to achieve this course so that when completed I am able to start the diploma of interior decoration so that my bigger goals can be achieved.
while I am studying in this unit I would like to learn more about famous designers so that I could reference them in the late future that way I could  express my ideas clearly.
I apologise but I do no have any previous images to share with you all.

Susan Parkes- Lecture Series 1

I have chosen this course to develop skills to apply to millenary or specifically hat making and enhance knowledge already acquired through my Floristry experience.Hoping I can learn more on the History of design and learn principles of drawing .

After completion of this course I would like to search available colleges that teach hat making design.The nearest learning centre to my knowledge is Murwillumbah campus.Am interested in fashion designer hats you see at races and Melbourne cup day.

In this unit History and Theory of design I would like to learn about the Graffiti artist Banksy or the art works of John Lennon.

Kat ~Lecture Series

I have chosen this course to explore all aspects of Fundamentals of Design Certificate 3 to hopefully specialise in an area of design I enjoy and gravitate towards naturally ; Interior Design, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion Design.

When I complete the course I would like to continue on with Certificate 4 or a Diploma specialise in a particular area of Design, perhaps Graphic Design although Im not sure yet as I have never thought of myself as being creative.

In History and Theory of Design I am generally interested in Design origins and the theory behind Design from the early days in the 1950s to now and how it has evolved over time. I am finding Jewellery and Fashion Design of the past so interesting and inspiring.

Unfortunately I do not have any Design work to share with you.

Lecture Series Vanessa Luff

Why Interior Design?

Interior designs fascinates and excites me! I feel most passionate to pursue this path and learn more. My obsession with Interior design developed soon after my two recent house builds just completed. My inspiration is also drawn from nature and travels!

After completion of this course I would like to utilise my skills to create more spaces and help others create amazing spaces………… 🙂

My latest design and holiday rental is called WILD RABBIT @ kingscliff Refer to images included.

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Harry Goodwin

I Harry Goodwin chose this course too expand my view and knowledge of graphic design and also learn about the different aspects of design in general. I also want to start my own clothing label in the near future so having a more advanced techniques under my belt will certainly help me create more interesting and complex designs. have had experience on photoshop being self taught and have done work for myself and friends but also have done jersey designs for a few different sports teams such as a basketball jersey and three different paintball jerseys from my own to a semi pro division team.

after this course I can see myself continuing my studies in the cert 4 graphic design course and either university or diploma course after that.

I would like to learn the history of design and what was the fuel behind the fire in the work from famous designers in the past hoping to gain some influence from them.

heres some eye candy 🙂

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