LIGHTING~ David Trubridge

David Trubridge has had a long-standing passion for the environment, deepened by his time at sea.

In 2004 he was selected for the Antarctica Arts Fellowship program, which allowed him to spend several weeks in this remote and ecologically delicate location.

This excursion also provided inspiration for a number of his designs such as Snowflake and Kina.

Wherever possible, all timber is from sustainably managed plantations in New Zealand, or the United States. Wood is left natural where appropriate, with natural non-toxic oils being used in place of harmful solvents.

From a design point of view, the products use only the minimal amount of materials and are generated with a focus on longevity, rather than mimicking quick-moving trends.



I really enjoy the “do it yourself” aspect of these designs also the light cast by the shapes and materials used. This designer has not only considered the aesthetics of his designs but also the environmental impact of manufacturing these light fittings.

I have much respect for designers who are able to work with new and innovative designs whilst prioritizing environmental sustainability even they are often creating more work for themselves in the process.

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Lighting Brazil


Beautiful Brazilian Luxury Leaf House with stunning lighting


  • Dr Peter Curley, Manager of the LED program at The Climate Group comments:“There is a palpable drive to find workable financing solutions that will help Brazil’s cities move to more energy efficient LED lighting. The forum has allowed challenging regional issues to be openly discussed – and we look forward to seeing more regional projects announce their LED transition plans.
  • “Supporting national policy can play a key role in helping accelerate energy efficiency, by building consensus among stakeholders and increasing investor confidence. India has already done just that, with a commitment to expand LED street lighting nationwide by mid-2019. Post-COP21 we hope to see more such national commitments around the world, together with supporting initiatives to ensure high-quality product standards are maintained and enforced.”
  • As part of our LED program, in 2015, The Climate Group called for cities and utilities globally to roll out LED street lighting (or as efficient) by 2025, and launched the LED = Lower Emissions Delivered campaign to support stakeholders at all levels to achieve this goal.


SAU PAULO: Forum on ‘Business Models for Energy Efficient Public Lighting’ was held in São Paulo, Brazil on June 1, 2016. The event was attended by over 250 street lighting stakeholders, including senior representation from over 30 major cities, private sector financiers, development banks and manufacturers.

The event, which was organized by the World Bank in partnership with The Climate Group, explored how to scale-up high quality, highly efficient LED (light-emitting diode) street lighting in all Brazilian municipalities. Eight business models were presented, with the intention of providing options for the wide-ranging needs of all 5,570 Brazilian municipalities, including public-private partnerships that have the potential to boost investment in large-scale LED infrastructure projects.

In Brazil, public lighting accounts for around 4% of the nation’s total electricity consumption. At the global COP21 climate talks, Brazil committed to increase energy efficiency by 10% by 2030 – an achievement LED lighting could accelerate.

As well as saving energy and maintenance costs, LEDs offer city leaders opportunities to improve lighting services and provide wider socio-economic benefits for communities by reducing crime and accidents, as well modernizing city infrastructure.



Peruvian Lighting › Lamps and Lighting › Andes › Ceiling Lights › Pot Rack Lights

Dynamic lighting.

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From historical illumination to interactive lighting in the urban environment. One of Peru’s main values ​​is its vast and rich historical and cultural heritage, a source of wealth and a motor of development for the public and private sectors. The lighting design puts these sites or sets in value, projects a strong visual identity and creates a safe and attractive night image. As it also does, responding to the new premises of change, the integration of interactive facilities and average facades in the urban environment. Past, present and future converse and interact with people, space and the city thanks to dynamic lighting.

Dean Skira.
Skira Architectural Lighting Design.
Visual, biological and emotional experiences in architecture of Peru

This renowned Croatian lighting designer, who has achieved important awards and has attracted international media attention thanks to his important projects of urban, commercial, hotel and residential lighting, maintains that “the light is not for architecture but for people who live in it”. That’s why all of its lighting solutions, creative and efficient, revolve around how the user feels using space and experimenting with architecture.

Lighting: SATTLER


Sattler team design team consists of creative talent, Ulrich Sattler, and Sattler team internal and external designers. In a reciprocal process of work, conceptual designs and new developments are created, which consistently follow the  principle of “Nothing gets developed which already exists on the market in the exact same or in a comparable form.”. Following this principle has continuously enabled Sattler team to surprise the market with new developments and innovations in the last few years and has helped the team to establish the design ideas as an integral part of the lighting industry.

Sattler Team lighting design inspire my Japanese sleep/ study room design because if the shape the and light balance the colour of my room design. My sleeping/study room design is focus on the dimension of shape, wooden dark colour and modern design to combine the concept of Japanese traditional and modern into one design.

Here are some of the Sattler Team Lighting designs:


Aluminium profile frame, powder-coated in white
Bottom cover with translucent double layer film (fire rating B1)
Revisable through snap-in-system

Surface-mounted, or pendant with 5000mm/196.8″ steel cable suspension

LED neutralwhite 4000 K (69)

Size mm/ inch:
1243 x 1243 x 85 / 48.9 x 48.9 x 3.3

LED-technology 24V warmwhite 3000 K (63)
LED-technology 24V coldwhite 5000 (62)
Acoustic fabric for noise reduction, Dimmable 1-10V or DALI



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Downlight, light head can be taken off and is fully adjustable through a magnetic hinge system. Light heads are available as flood or spot versions (9 degree beam angle with lenses for 25, 36, and 60 degrees).

Recessed in ceiling with external power supply

LED-technology 36V, CRI > 95, extra warmwhite 2700K (27), warmwhite 3000K (30), neutralwhite 4000K (40)
Dimming 0-10V





Aluminium structure with three light heads. The light heads can be taken off and is fully adjustable through a magnetic hinge system. Light head is available as flood or spot versions (9 degree beam angle with lenses for 25, 36, and 60 degrees).

Floor lamp with power supply cable including country specific plug

LED-technology 36V, CRI > 95, extra warmwhite 2700K (27), warmwhite 3000K (30), neutralwhite 4000K (40)
Dimming 0-10V



AVVENI CEILING 2 ( symmetrical / asymmetrical )

Aluminium structure with 2 light heads. Each light head can be taken off and is fully adjustable through a magnetic hinge system. Light heads are available as flood or spot versions (9 degree beam angle with adaptors for 25, 36, and 60 degrees). Cable suspensions are adjustable.

Direct ceiling mounting with power supply unit in canopy


LED-technology 36V, CRI > 95, extra warmwhite 2700K (27), warmwhite 3000K (30), neutralwhite 4000K (40)
Dimming 0-10V

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Light heads are available as flood or spot versions (9 degree beam angle with lenses for 25, 36, and 60 degrees).

Recessed in ceiling with external power supply

LED-technology 36V, CRI > 95, extra warmwhite 2700K (27), warmwhite 3000K (30), neutralwhite 4000K (40)




The price are hardly to find on ragular internet. To find out the price please contact the Company or Click on this link :


For more Information about SATTLER

More product:

SATTLER project:

about SATTLER:



Balinese- Lighting

Balinese use natural materials, found locally, to create beautiful , tranquil lighting for there homes and business.

I have included some techniques they use for there lighting below. 


Wood and cloth  to suit the modern environment


Stainless and Acrylic works of Art.


Unique translucent Onyx stone Vases and Lampshades


Stylish Solid


Free standing and wall mounted Copper light fittings.


These unique light stands are made from materials found in the Indonesian jungle.


Made from bamboo.


Rattan woven over a wire frame free standing large and small shades and panels.


Cloth Lampshades made from organic and synthetic materials.


Spectacular shell creations Corals and mother of pearl set in resin.


Wire frames woven with Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth

heavy metalLIZARD SHADES

Unique and original wood and wire lighting accessories


Wire frames covered in Rayon


Bali Terracotta pottery wrapped in Banana leaf with matching lampshades


Cut Coconut patterns encased in resin


Rock Solid lamp stands ideal for Indoors the Patio, Garden or Landscaping.


Traditional Balinese lampshade made from bamboo or timber with traditional roofing materials.

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Lighting: Vanuatu

Traditional lighting in Vanuatu is by no means ‘advanced’. Even to this day, most lighting in households involves the use of primitive and potentially dangerous controlled fires, in either indoor or outdoor fire pits, sconces or ceiling applications. This is primarily due to less than 30 percent of households in the Vanuatu islands having access to a power grid, but also references their devotion to tradition and strong community-based culture; fire pits can be areas of communing, gathering or worship. Where electricity is available, simple light bulbs are often crudely rigged to supply light in its most utilitarian form, without much concern to aesthetics. Another clever source of light is the use of old plastic bottles filled with water and small amounts of chemicals, that are cemented to the roofs of dimly lit buildings to supply surprisingly vivid illumination during daylight hours.

Outside of the culture itself, lighting styled of Vanuatu culture draws influence from the natural aspects of the area, such as bamboo structuring and themes of marine life and tropical living. Lighting such as this is most commonly constructed as lamps, however it can be demonstrated as sconces, chandeliers and bold outdoor lights.

Where I got my info:

Lighting Options for Scandinavian Inspired Living


Illuminate Pendant

Contemporary, organically shaped designs in natural materials is what inspires my lighting in the Scandinavian inspired bedroom. Made from Bamboo , Linen and Cotton I find the Illuminate Pendants fit this brief perfectly.  It’s organic shape and casual appearance gives such a relaxed vibe and feel.  Soft and Feminine in the lighter tones but you can add a more masculine look with the black or grey tones.


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This light can be purchased from a company based in the Netherlands.  Product details

This light would also work well in a living  space.


Mid Century Copper Brass Pendant 

A contrast to the natural Iluminate Pendant is Copper – With such a light and cheery color, this material is perfect for a Summer home decor.  A trend that is going strong this year,  appearing in multiple interior design projects,  not only on small details of your mid-century or scandinavian furniture, but also in the stunning lighting designs.  Im not a huge fan of lots of Copper in one space but like the idea of a Neutral room with the bold use of Copper to contrast the neutral tones. Made of a polished Polycarbonate it works well in any space.


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this particular light from Temple and Webster is a replica Tom Dixon and can be purchased for $89.95

Tom Dixon Replica from Temple and Webster


Or the original from

Eso Lamp

The beautiful and unique Eos lamp was designed by Soren Ravn Christensen for the Danish brand Vita. The lamp is made of white goose feathers and paper . The lamp fits perfectly in most rooms and spreads a warm, diffused light when lit.


More Scandianvian lighting designs can be found at the following sites:-


Moroccan lighting

Moroccan-style lights have a rich, exotic history and their design sense is a mix of many cultures: African, Middle Eastern, and European. They have a rustic feel, and yet they add a sense of otherworldliness. Their pendants, lamp shades and lanterns bounce light in unique patterns around any space. Today they are a popular choice among designers due to their style and overall craftsmanship. Moroccan-style lighting is a unique work of art, so adding some into your home design can add something super special to your decor.

Moroccan lights come in wide choice of shapes and colors. The traditional Moroccan-style light uses tinted stained glass mixed with rustic tin or brass stylised metalwork. The Metal work lattice patterns can be extremely intricate and even awe-inspiring. You will discover Moroccan-style lights shaped like stars, diamonds, and even rounded-corner ovals reminiscent of balloons. Moroccan lights are not mass production items. Each piece is hand crafted by the talented artisans from the region- Morocco itself. Their life long skills passed down from generation to generation.

Henna Moroccan lamps are another style of Moroccan lantern. They use shades made of leather (often from goats or sheep) that are patterned using henna dyes. Henna Moroccan lamps also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours- some very dramatic. The lamp shades of Henna Moroccan lamps give any rooms lighting a more subdued feel compared to stained glass Moroccan lanterns. see images below.

Moroccan lanterns have become another popular choice for lighting; adding ambience to any space. Some Moroccan lanterns are only a few inches high and are usually designed using colours- blue and amber although the colour palette varies. These lanterns are designed to hold candles and were created well before man harnessed electricity.

Moroccan-style lights are an excellent choice for design. They can bring an exotic look to any space, or they can add a sense of style to areas of the home which tend to be overlooked like staircases, floor corners, bedrooms and home entrances. Because of the wide variety of style choice the price can vary- starting at just $7.00 for a basic lantern.

Today, Moroccan lighting has become a trending favourite world wide!!!

Links include:


Scandinavian lighting


The trendy Acorn pendant lamp comes from Northern Lightning and is designed by Atle Tveit. The lamp has a stylish design inspired by the Nordic autumn forests with the shape of an acorn made of oak and aluminum.

Northern Lighting

Atle Tveit is Norwegian furniture Designer- Studio based in Oslo Norway

Materials: Aluminum and oak. 
Cord: Off-white silk. Cost AU$512



white light.jpg


This Danish and Scandinavian Gubi Grashoppa floor lamp comes in a dark grey and charcoal colour and was first produced in 1947 by the iconic Swedish architect Greta Grossman.

This lighting piece is designed with a tubular steel tripod stand whilst the conical shade is ball-jointed onto the arm, allowing the light to be directional. As a result, the shade can be tilted and rotated 360 degrees.

Both the lighting stand and shade are powder-coated. Switch on cord.

Designer: Greta Grossman

black lamp.jpg

Colour: Charcoal, Dark Grey, Navy.    

Materials: Brass, Metal

Cost:  $1,129.00



The unique composition of the PULL lamp provides the lamp with a unique personality that both organic and distinctively true to it’s Scandinavian design heritage. The party exposed, partly hidden cord connects the elements and provides the mechanism to adjust the position of the shade. Moving the shade not only changes the light but also the character of the lamp.

The PULL floor lamp is a Muuto icon. A perfect example of classic and simple Nordic design, given a new perspective with its playful personality. PULL has an adjustable shade that changes both the lamp’s light and its character.

MATERIAL:   Natural oak wood with white covered plastic composite

WHATSWHAT is a Stockholm based studio consisting of John Astbury, Bengt Brummer and Karin Wallenbeck. Established in 2010 they have already shown their work in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris and Stockholm, receiving international recognition for their work, winning the Muuto Talent award in 2010 and an Elle Interior Award in 2012.



Designed by TAF Architects, the WOOD table lamp offers a contemporary, all-wooden interpretation of the traditional architect lamp. Focusing on simplicity, the lamp aims to provide an alternative to other more complex products. Wood is made from high quality pine wood and can be used as a desk lamp, bedside lamp or in other settings.

Material: Pine wood, PVC cord, iron weight inside plastic socket.

TAF ARCHITECTS is a Stockholm-based design and architecture studio making International headlines within product and interior design



The COSY table lamp series focuses on the attractiveness of glass and the beauty of its changing reflections. Placing the light bulb at the centre of the design, the lamp is made with mouth-blown glass and comes with a textile chord.

MATERIALS: Smoked grey glass. Soda lime glass, transparent PVC cord with a dimmer, plastic socket and an internal clear plastic construction to secure cord and socket. Bulb not included.

DESIGNER: HARRI KOSKINEN is a leading designer from Finland and has been named designer of the year in Finland. He has also received several best product awards from around the world.


Hawaiian Style Lighting

For my spacial design I have tired to find pieces of lighting that will bring the beach vibe in to the tropical inspired bedroom. I found that light woods and possibly coral finishes gave a relaxing vibe that worked well with my space, and contrasted nicely with the dark wooden frame of the bed.

Destination Lighting had the Kalco Lighting Atlantis Coral Sconce as wall lights for either side of the bed would give off a lovely glow when winding down for the evening. There is also a matching mini-chandelier that would work well in the centre off the room. I possibly thought that the wall lights would look great on either side of the desk for the study area. However depending on the light they give off my need to go for a desk lamp or floor lamp instead which I found on the April & Oak website.

Kalco Lighting Atlantis Coral Sconce and Mini-Chandelier


The Atlantis Collection was inspired by the legendary lost city. Kalco’s exclusive Coral finish creates a natural sea bleach effect that combines with iron hand-forged to look like wafting coral and real sea shell accents that speak directly to the City of Atlantis fabled home at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Wall Light- $218.00 each

Product Number: P1400103 or 609892
Manufacturer: Kalco Lighting
Model Number: 6075CR
Collection: Atlantis
Manufacturer Finish: Coral
Manufacturer Shade Color: Petite Victorian
Shade Shape: Bell
Total Wattage: 100 w.
Voltage Type: Line Voltage
Voltage Input: 120 v.
Height: 19 in.
Width: 8 in.
Depth: 8.5 in.


Price: $732.00
Product Number: P1400104
Manufacturer: Kalco Lighting
Model Number: 6077CR
Collection: Atlantis
Manufacturer Finish: Coral
Manufacturer Shade Color: Petite Victorian
Shade Shape: Bell
Total Wattage: 500 w.
Voltage Type: Line Voltage
Height: 26 in.
Minimum Hanging Height: 26 in.
Width: 21 in.

April & Oak

Wooden and Wonderful Side Table Lamp- $239.00

Hawaiian Lamp

Weight (kg) 2.50
Color Natural
Material Mango Wood
Country of Manufacture India
Height (cm) 66.00
Width (cm) 18.00
Length (cm) 18.00


April & Oak

Driftwood Floor Lamp with Jute Shade- $390.00

Hawaiian floor lamp

Weight (kg) 4.80
Color Natural
Material Driftwood/Jute
Country of Manufacture Indonesia
Height (cm) 153.00
Width (cm) 55.00
Length (cm) 55.00

April &Oak

Bamboo Lighting Masterpiece- $129.00

Bamboo pendant light2

Weight (kg) 2.00
Color White
Material Bamboo/Cane/Metal
Country of Manufacture China
Height (cm) 44.00
Width (cm) 31.00
Length (cm) 31.00